David Jones shows large handbags at Melbourne Fashion Festival

David Jones presented designs on the runway from forty-three designers at the Melbourne Fashion Festival yesterday. The designs were from the current season in Australia and featured a collection of medium to large handbags which shows a possible trend away from the current mini-handbag trend of 2014.
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The handbags on the David Jones runway yesterday at the Melbourne Fashion Festival were soft, large and shown in dark colors. There were several silhouettes featured including shoulder bags, north-south totes, duffle bags and clutches. The only handbag style shown on the David Jones in a small size were the clutches. The shoulder bags were medium and the totes, duffle bags and additional styles were shown in large sizes.

This is an interesting move as most designers during fashion month in New York, Milan, Paris and London showed small and mini sized handbags for the fall/winter 2014/2015 season. In fact, there has been a move towards small handbags over the past few years. The larger handbags shown on David Jones runway at the Melbourne Fashion Festival last night could signal a possible move towards medium and large handbags as we move into 2015.

The designers showcased on the David Jones runway at the Melbourne Fashion Festival included Akin by Ginger & Smart, Alice McCall, Banjo & Matilda, Bassike, Bec & Bridge, Bianca Spender, CM Camilla and Marc, Calibre, Cameo, Camilla, Camilla and Marc, Christopher Esber, Dion Lee, Easton Pearson, Ellery, Etre Cecile, Finders Keepers, Ginger & Smart, Industrie, Jac + Jack, Jack London, Josh, Goot, Keepsake the Label, L’America, Lover, Michael Lo Sordo, Mimco, Mink Pink, Nicolas, Nicola Finetti, Rachel Gilbert, Romance Was Born, Sabatini, Scanlan Theodore, Shakuhachi, Staple the Label, Talulah, Thurley, Tigerlily, Vanishing Elephant, Viktoria + Woods, Willow, Zanerobe, and Zimmerman.

To view photos from the David Jones runway at the Melbourne Fashion Festival last night, please click on the slideshow associated with this article.

Beyonce does not want to attend Kim and Kanye’s ‘Tacky’ wedding

Mrs. Beyonce Carter has been reportedly throwing shade at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Summer Wedding invite to Paris.

Rumors began circulating Monday, March 17 about the 17-time Grammy award winner’s “diverish” attitude toward Kimye’s dream ceremony in May.

Jay Z has given his two cents on the matter regarding Kim and Kanye’s wedding and he does not want Queen Bey or daughter Blue Ivy being recorded by E! cameras during the event; That simple.

A source reported that ‘Yonce has allegedly told “friends” her take on the cameras as well and it is nothing pretty:

Jay and Beyonce’s wedding was shrouded in secrecy and extreme lengths were made to make sure their wedding was an intimate affair for friends and family, only. This will be the complete opposite. She thinks it’s just tacky.
Beyonce’s motto has always been, less is more. But clearly when it comes to Kim, more means more.She knows she’ll have to go to the wedding, but really does not to want to.

The insider said the only reason the pop diva, 32, will attend the I Do’s in Paris on May 24 is because West “considers them family.

Make no mistake, the only reason Beyoncé is going to the wedding is because Jay is best friend’s with Kanye.There is no way Kanye would ever even dare to ask Jay or Beyonce to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or take away their cell phones. He knows that neither one of them would betray his trust.”

Nolcha Fashion Week jolts Pier 59 with slew of new fashion talent ( NYFW aw2014)

While established designers are guaranteed huge demand to attend their shows, and get scads of social media and blogger costs afterwards. Nolcha Fashion Week’s method is to create excitement by grouping new designers together and presenting them to a fashion-hungry audience looking for the next big thing. Not content to rely on the same old thing, the event also attracts stars like Kelly Rutherford, Kat Graham, and Jennie Garth were seen in the audience. Who knows where he next red carpet look is going to come from?
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I addition to a fabulous line-up of designers, Nolcha Fashion Week has a Rusk Haircare sponsored lounge where attendees can mingle, take pictures on the step and repeat, and try new products. On hand at the aw2014 shows were Defiant Whiskey, Don Q. Rum, Air Europa, Skinny Girl sparklers, and ONO premium e-cigs. The goody bags were loaded with products like Ruby Wing nailpoilish (changes color when you go from inside to out!), a generous gift certificate from Medical Aesthetics, Energems candy covered chocolate energy bites, and deliciously soothing Kushma tea. The Rusk product team were available to answer questions about produtcs like the excellent ‘putty’ holding creme and their famous 12-in1 W8less leave in hair treatment.

Once seated on the benches, the Pier 59 Studios space fills with music and the anticipation grows. At the 5:30 show Gail Be’s opening salvo of beads, beads, and more sparkly beads drew gasps. Christian Benner Custom’s raucous show featured 80s looking models in customized leather jackets- and no pants. Naveda Couture showed a collection heavily influenced by Indian dress and culture. The maison de papillon ollection was silk pajamas and separates, a lovely, wispy midnight blue cocktail minidress- and shirts with no pants.

The 5:30pm standout was Christina Yi. A sexy collection of sleek clothing to take you through the aw2014 season in style.

The much buzzed about 8:30pm show as chock full of dramatics. Gabriel Arruda’s show was an array of classily preppy seprates, not in the 80s overly colorful ‘Muffy’ sense, but in the sense of a young, well educated woman who’s willing to invest in good clothing with classic overtones. A favorite was a shiny nay dress made out of a waxed material. Flattering cut, and all the drama is in the texture of the cloth.

Nina Athenasiou updated her ss2014 looks, upped her game with better workmanship, and pretty much stole everyone’s attention with massive afro wigs, and a gender shifting model named Elliot Sailors. It was a big show, with some interesting themes. Athenasiou has definitely grown since last season.

Last but not least- L. Catherine London’s stellar collection featured the most daringly cut coats and jackets, like cascading waterfalls of wool. dresses printed in Monet-like patterns, the structural severity of the coats contrasted nicely with the softness of the dresses underneath. A sleeveless wool vest with rectangular cutouts along the font was anther hit. Simple, with no pretensions, London delivered a solid blow..

Prom extravaganza…getting the best values without settling for less

The Event The prom is a big deal for teens…the preparation is almost the same caliber as a wedding or other special event. There are also costs involved, but if you are a parent like me shopping and spending smart is necessary. Are you aware the average cost to prepare a female for prom can average $750 easily. So let me share how to shop smart for prom without settling for less. My total cost was $625.
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The Dress Let’s get started! One of the high ticket items is the apparel. The biggest things for girls are the dress and all of the accessories. A concern for me was buying an elaborate dress and only wearing it once or just letting it hang in the closet. So, my daughter did some research and found a reputable company online which allows customers to rent dresses. The name of the company is renttherunway.com. This was perfect! The dress was affordable & beautiful, the dress designer is by Badgley Mischka-known as the Screen Siren Gown. There was also a $25 discount for first time rentals. Check out their website for more details.

The Accessories The next item to address are the accessories, I found Shoe Carnival as being the most cost effective along with having a great collection of shoes. The brand of shoe we selected is Tissue-s in the color gold by mydeliciousshoes.com…the shoe was a steal purchased at $9.99 (the sale was to buy one pair of shoes at regular price…then you get the next pair at ½ price). To complete the total look we added accessories as earrings, hairpins, necklace, a ring and in step cushions for the shoes. The jewelry was purchased at H&M, an additional accessory used for the dress is the Braza Bra® The original the original adhesive bra.

Hair, Makeup & Nails The total look would not be complete with out hair and makeup. This project was a family affair. Hair by Tina O-Provided a Hollywood glam look with spiral curls. Following the theme, Celestial Enterprises.com provided a Hollywood Glam look with makeup cosmetics compliments of Maybelline, bareMineral eye primer, Too Faced-Chocolate Bar, H&M Lip color in Dita (Red) Matte along with mascara and eyeliner. Gel overlay and pedicure provided by Classic Nails Professional Nail Care Center.

Florist The Corsage was purchased at Blossoms of Hawaii in Bronzeville. The fragrance choice was Pink Sugar- Eau de Toilette

Photographer The photography captured the preparations and the final look. All images were provided by Chicago Imaging Solutions.com, “Let us provide all of your imaging needs”. Additional images were also taken at the prom location. Navy Pier-Crystal Gardens. High School-King College Preparatory -Theme For Only one Night-Prom 2014

Transportation Provided by Uber.

So, it shows with proper planning, and working smart…you can have an elaborate look without settling for less or breaking your bank. Thanks for reading this article.

Buying Guide for Women’s Boots

Boots for women come in thousands of different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. They seem to never go out of style! However, they are often pricey and buying a pair is often considered as an investment. So it really comes as no surprise that having to choose a pair to buy could be such a daunting task. However, with a little bit of guidance, choosing which pair to invest in could be a little easier for you to do.

When looking for a pair of boots for women, the first thing that you should do is to determine what you are going to use the boots for. There are different styles of boots for women that serve many different purposes. Ask yourself, do you want a pair of boots for women to wear for a girls’ night out, or are you looking for a pair of boots that you can wear when the weather gets a bit nippy? These are two completely different scenarios, in which you just cannot wear the same pair of boots. If you want a pair for a night out in the town, you’re probably going to want a pair of high-heeled boots. On the other hand, if you want a pair of boots for winter, then it’s best that you go for a nice pair of flat, fur-lined boots for women instead. When you know just what you want to use your boots for, choosing a particular style of boots for women isn’t going to be any trouble at all. Once you have that in mind, you can go out and start shopping for your new pair of boots!

When shopping for boots for women, you must mentally prepare yourself to try on pairs upon pairs of boots. It will take a lot of your time, but the utmost patience is required. Remember that you must not settle for any pair that isn’t comfortable to walk in at all, no matter how stylish or sexy they look on you. When it comes to comfort, one of the factors to consider would be the fit. When trying on a pair of boots for women, it is advisable that you put on a pair of socks or stockings that you would normally wear. It may not seem like such a big deal, but wearing socks or hosiery really can make a difference when it comes to getting the right fit for any kind of shoes. Once you have the boots on, try wiggling your toes and see how they feel. If your toes feel too cramped and just plain uncomfortable, then they are definitely going to get hurt if you walk around in them for an entire day. You should probably get the boots in a larger size or find another pair altogether, preferably something that has a wider toe. If you are trying on a higher-cut pair of boots – like knee-high boots or mid-calf boots for women – you mustn’t neglect the way the boots fit around your ankles and calves. An ill-fitting pair of knee-high boots could leave you looking like your legs are threatening to spill out of your boots! While it is true that boots for women, especially those made of leather, tend to expand over time, it is not wise for you to buy an ill-fitting pair and expect them to expand to fit your size in a few months’ time. You must find a pair of boots that you immediately feel comfortable in.

In general, if your feet feel relaxed in the boots, then that’s a good sign. Don’t forget to walk around in them, too. At this point, you may have a certain pair of boots that feel right and that you have your sights set on, and that’s great, but remember that you must never be in too much of a rush to buy a pair. Do not go and immediately buy boots for women just because they fit. Remember that a pair of boots for women is an investment. You have to make sure that the boots that you are going to purchase is worth every penny you spend on them.

When you have the boots in your hands, look at them very closely. Keep an eye out for any defects that this particular pair of boots may have. Check the lining on the inside of the boots to see if they are firmly in place and will not easily tear or come off. The soles and the heels must also be solid and completely secured. If there are any, closely examine the embellishments on the boots. If there are any buttons on the boots, look for any that may be broken or missing. If the boots have steel buckles on them, look for any that may have cracked or may have been rusted. If the boots are lined with fur or have fur trimmings on them, check to see if the fur on the lining or trimmings is easily pulled out. If you are going to purchase a pair of authentic leather boots for women, you must be absolutely sure that they are in good condition. The leather boots must be free from dust, molds, cracks, and other forms of damage. Should you discover any defects on the boots that you want, you must not hesitate to request for a different pair. You must never hesitate to refuse to buy a pair of damaged boots for women.

Choosing a pair of boots for women requires a lot of your time and your patience. Having to try on numerous pairs of boots for women and examining them one by one is indeed very tedious. However, you must always remember that you deserve nothing less than the best pair of boots. You must never compromise the quality of the boots you are going to buy. By following these simple guidelines, you will surely get your money’s worth and find the pair that is most worthy of your investment.

The Best Way to Clean Cotton Clothing

The chances are, if you own clothing, some of it is made of cotton. T-shirts, athletic socks, jeans and numerous other articles of clothing are often made of cotton. The soft fabric, according to HowToCleanStuff.net, is quite durable and can handle a powerful cleaning. The best way to clean cotton clothing is a simple process.

Spot Treating

Check your cotton clothing for spots before washing it. If you notice any stains or spots, consider spot treating them. The best way to perform spot removal is to purchase a product specifically for spot treating; spot treatment products come in an applicator with a narrow tip to treat a small area at a time while working the stain out of the cotton fibers. Follow the instructions on the bottle before washing your cotton clothing. Spot treatment will allow you to remove stains that would otherwise not be removed with a normal washing.

Cleaning Agents

The best way to clean cotton clothing is through use of detergent. HowToCleanStuff.net recommends using regular clothing detergent with color safe bleach if so desired. For white cotton clothing, you may be able to use chlorine bleach; check the tag on your cotton clothing to determine whether or not bleach is appropriate. Also, to keep cotton clothing soft, use a fabric softener. If conservation is important to you, the best way to clean cotton clothing will include concentrated detergent (a smaller amount goes a longer way than regular) or an all-natural “green” detergent.


Using a washing machine is the best way to clean cotton clothing. For white or light cotton clothing, choose warmer water if you feel your clothing needs extra washing. For darker colors, always choose cold water because hot water will cause the dyes in the cotton fabric to bleed, leaving you with faded clothing. If your clothing is delicate (like lingerie), choose the “delicates” or “hand wash” setting; for other cotton clothing, HowToCleanStuff.net suggests the “normal wash” setting on your washing machine. For the green-minded, always use cold water to prevent using extra energy.


To dry your cotton clothing, TheFabricOfOurLives.com suggests hanging the following clothing to dry: embellished (like with beads or graphics), delicates or dark denim. For all other cotton clothing, TheFabricOfOurLives.com recommends following the instructions on the the care tag of your garment when determining the tumble cycle of your dryer. When in doubt, tumble dry on the “low” setting to prevent shrinking or fading.

Fashion Designer L’Wren Scott found dead in her Manhattan Apartment

Fashion designer L’Wren Scott and girlfriend of Rolling Stones’ front man Mick Jagger was found dead Monday, March 17 in her New York City Manhattan Apartment.

The 49 year old who was with Jagger for more than a decade and allegedly committed suicide today before police were called to her Chelsea apartment at 10:05am.

The 6’4” beauty was a former model and a stylist for many A-list celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman. Scott launched her first clothing line in 2006 and has designed for brands like Banana Republic.

Although the medical examiner has not confirmed the cause of death, police are saying that it appeared to be suicide. Wren was found “unconscious and unresponsive” by her assistant at 10:00am.

The BBC reports that Mick Jagger is “completely shocked and devastated.” The rocker is currently on tour and tweeted just hours ago, “Looking forward to the first show in Perth.”

Peak performance picks for men by Saucony

Jumpstart your spring training with Saucony’s newest running gear that’s packed with performance to help you cross the finish line victoriously.

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With spring soon dashing in, it’s time to arm yourself with the season’s covet-worthy and high-tech gear to help fuel your passion for running. This spring 2014, Saucony brings a cutting edge collection of running staples and super-performing pieces that are sure to help you bring your “A” game. From cutting edge apparel to fast and furious sneaks, check out these peak-performing picks to add to your running arsenal:


Velo Short Sleeve ($42) – spring forward with pure comfort and performance with this sleek and super-soft running tee that’s the perfect stride staple. Saucony’s Velo Short Sleeve is a dasher’s dream featuring silky-soft Velo knit fabric that’s lightweight, moveable and feels like second skin, moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool and dry, a UPF Rating of ’40-50+ Excellent’ for the ultimate in sun protection — and a smart and subtle perforated back to keep you aerated every step of the way. Plus, it features front and back reflective details to keep you safe and visible during night runs so you can sprint in this tee from day-to-night. The Velo Short Sleeve also sports a lean fit that keeps you streamlined as well as a comfy crew neck so you feel relaxed throughout your run — and it features contrast coloring down the seams of the arm area for a simple yet stylish detail that’s cool. Saucony’s Velo Short Sleeve is a great lightweight and super-smooth short sleeve tee that’s perfect for this spring season, keeping you cool, moveable and comfy as your turn up the heat. The Velo Short Sleeve retails for $42 and is available in Element / Cobalt, Atomic Orange / Element and Element / Acid Green.

Interval 2-1 Printed Short ($58) – test your limits and set new records in these sleek multi-sport shorts that offer the ultimate in comfort, support and performance. Saucony’s Interval 2-1 Printed Short features a built-in compression short liner under a silky-soft shell for a lightweight yet supportive fit, making them the must-have shorts for a variety of activities. Slip on this two-in-one genius and enjoy its performance details including an elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring that ensures a secure and personalized fit, a built-in PowerKnit LT compression short liner that offers optimal support and superior comfort, an outer Stretch Ultrasilk Printed soft shell that provides max moveability and breathability, a convenient mesh zip-pocket at the backside to safely store goods, strategically-placed slanted side ventilations to keep you cool and a supreme moisture-wicking fabric that feels like second-skin, keeping you nice and dry as you turn up the heat. Saucony’s Interval 2-1 Printed Short is a stand-out piece that offers a relaxed and featherweight fit combined with superior support and maximum comfort — these shorts are sure to be your go-to style to wear this spring and through the warm summer days. Saucony’s Interval 2-1 Printed Short retail for $58 and are available in two subtle yet stylish menswear prints, Navy/White and Carbon/Atomic Orange.

Premium Tech Short Sleeve ($55) – slip on this multi-sport standout that takes on a variety of activities like a true pro. Saucony’s Premium Tech Short Sleeve features an ultra-light premium tech knit fabric that’s a blissful blend of polyester and spandex which gives you full freedom and ease of movement. Plus, this luxe and super-soft fabric is made of pure silver featuring 11% X-Static which eradicates odor and prohibits bacteria growth so you stay fresh and dry no matter how hard you push the limits. This fab-performing fabric also features temperature regulating properties so you feel cool and comfortable with every move — and feel the power and passion to keep going. The Premium Tech Short Sleeve has a crew neck for comfortable coverage as well as a long and sleek fit that allows the fabric to move with you without creating any obstruction or drag. Plus, it features flat and smooth seams to avoid any uncomfortable rubbing or skin abrasions — and these seams also feature reflective detail for high visibility. The men’s Premium Tech Short Sleeve is a must-have multi-sport top to wear this spring and into summer because of its comfy, odor-eliminating and bacteria-fighting fabric as well as its awesome UPF Rating ’40-50+ Excellent’ which keeps you safe under the sun to move powerfully and play passionately all day. Saucony’s Premium Tech Short Sleeve retails for $55 and is available in Cobalt, Carbon and Atomic Orange.


Men’s Hurricane 16 ($150)- achieve a supportive, plush and sprightly stride with this performance perfecting shoe that provides key guidance, a custom-feel fit and the ultimate in responsiveness. The first thing you’ll notice about this sleek sneak is that it feels perfectly and specifically made just for you thanks to its Sauc-Fit and Support Frame features that lock-in the heel cup and mid-foot in place — and offer a perfectly padded and snug fit that molds to the contour of your foot for a secure, stable and effortless stride. Plus, Saucony has packed this shoe with a comfortably plush HydraMAX Collar Lining and ventilated ComfortLite Sockliner, all which offer antimicrobial and breathable properties to keep you cool, comfy and dry. What’s more, the unique PowerGrid midsole structure is fused with PowerFoam materials with Grid Technology and a special SRC Impact Zone so you get a plush ride that’s responsive throughout your gait yet gentle on your feet, enabling you to run smoothly and more efficiently for miles on end. Saucony has also outfitted this smooth sneak with an upgraded mesh that’s highly breathable and supremely comfortable, a carbon rubber outsole that grips the ground superbly for a sure-footed stride and a fully-reflective heel window to keep you highly visible under low-light settings so you can keep training into the wee nighttime hours. Overall, Saucony’s Hurricane 16 wins top honors for its plush cushioning, mile-long comfort, custom-feel fit and efficient energy return. You’ll be pleased to discover when dashing in these sneaks that they are lightweight yet long-lasting, flexible yet stable, perfectly padded and highly breathable. The Hurricane 16 retails for $150 and is available in Black / Royal / Citron (available in M and W) and ViZiORANGE / Black / Silver.

Stauer Jewelry and Watches

The Stauer company seems to have its roots firmly grounded in their love for vintage watch collections and jewelry. With an extensive experience recreating long time favorites from the golden era of watch design. Although they claim to be genuine old-time watches and jewelry lovers, their loyalty seems to lie on making what they call replicas affordable to the general public, but their taste might be questionable. Or so I thought as I looked through their website.

Stauer seems to use a lot of the old media to get to the heart of their customers, magazines and catalogs are their main sources of marketing and they don’t look like they enjoy investing on anything else, since their website seems a bit old fashioned and quite simple. One of the products they’ve been known for is the Dashtronic watches for men based on the 30’s style, when the principles of aerodynamics and streamlining filled everything electronic in an age so many technological items were just mere dreams or impossible visions. Their work do resemble a time of innocence in America and can appeal to the nostalgic hearts still clinging on to their memories or to whatever that time reminds them.

Their jewelry seems to be quite popular. Maybe because their lab-created stones can look and feel like the original thing, keeping the customer from leaving without having to turn in their life-long savings in order to get a ring or a simple necklace. But the somewhat tacky style of their pieces may not appeal to a younger generation, who might even stay away from their store just by hearing their name, for their reputation is vastly well-known.

What I like the most about their jewelry items is exactly the fact they do not use real stones and gems in most of their products. The high demand for real diamonds and many other rocks have turned Africa into a continent under a huge political and social cross fire all because of those preciousness and the profit they can generate. For such reason, many possible buyers would rather support a business that produces their own rocks than to spend millions with a real diamond that might have been taken from a conflict zone. That should count as a point in their favor.

Their Diamond Aura River of Love Necklace that comes with free earrings is the most popular piece in the feminine inventory, but their dowdy Ruby sets can be somewhat disastrous and keep hanging on their page forever, trying to find the courageous woman who would take it home. Pink stained lab-created gems and over the top yellow jewelry pieces can catch your eye, but they do not kidnap your ulterior motive. For obvious reasons!

They also have an extensive list of shop handbags, luggage and other leather goods. Their style might appeal to the type of women that is on the conservative side but have a tender side for the exuberant. Their wallets and handbags do not take on too much risk, keeping it classic and clean: the exact opposite of what they have in their jewelry section.

If you’re looking for turn of the century (not this one but the one before) luxury items, look for their luxury collection! You’ll find some pieces that might belong to a history museum. The best about it all is that you can actually have them in your home for reasonable prices, since they do not belong in a painting from a historical monument.

In their website you can request their catalog so you can check for yourself if I’m right or wrong about their style and prices. They actually do a great job with those records, making it hard for you not to think twice before putting the catalog down after a few browses through their well finished pages, filled with a type of charm you don’t see quite often anymore. In the end it makes you think about what they say about their vintage style and their efforts for keeping their material closer to an era that could no longer reign. It’s hard to keep something simple being such a driving force in a world where nothing is too hard to find or too precious to believe in anymore.

At least in the 30’s they had their watches to check on the hours and how close they were to their brighter future.

International fashion & style; fall 2014..a letter to Rachel Zoe

Just had to dash off a quick note and let you know my feelings about the new collection. OMG OMG OMG what are you smoking girlfriend with these clothes? You are a far cry from designers departments these days, in fact, are you in any of them anymore … just asking!! It seems to me that you have gone off the reservation and steered directly to a contemporary collection that might be suited for a JCP girl or maybe a Macy’s chick; but deffo bridge and tunnel.

Anyway it seemed to appropriate to send my condolences after seeing the collection. Your inspirations were as you said “This season is really about a Parisian woman in the 1960s – her sensibility, her lifestyle and her confidence. I wanted to create a collection that embodied French bohemia with mod elements – tailored jackets, short shifts, hounds tooth prints and textured tweeds – cool wearable pieces that women want right now.” The problem is you went right to the runways of Celine, Chloe, Saint Laurent and god knows who else to get “inspired” and to complicate matters you cheapened the looks even more than they did.

From my point of view, you are treading on very thin ice and trying to hold onto whatever reputation you have left and as my advice has been to you in previous times… toss in that towel and run for the hills while you still have any shred credibility left. Only your best friends would tell you this.

Hopefully, there will be no more notes like this because it hurts my heart to tell you these things but what are friends for??

Kiss kiss… An Ivy lunch soon?

and P.S. you see , even losing the silly hats and the puddling pants, the clothes just don’t cut it hon.. so say buh bye and get another styling client instead!