Spotted: Choppy Bob

Ever found yourself wanting to experiment with shorter hair but weren’t brave enough to go all the way pixie, and felt like a shoulder length cut is practically the same as longer hair? If the answer is yes, then you may want to consider the latest Spring hair trend: the choppy bob.
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The choppy bob is just as its name suggest, a bob with choppy or ‘messy’ layering. The look is a bit disheveled but in a tousled just got of bed sort of way making it more sexy then messy. Celebs who have popularized the look include Cameron Diaz and Alexa Chung.

The look was a common denominator for Spring 2014 fashion ads as seen on Bluemarine, Sonia Rykiel, Carven, and Ralph Rucci. It was also a favorite on the runways. Models at the Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Chanel shows all sported the look.

If you’re not the experimental type when it comes to hair you could always enlist a wig– wigs give you the option of trying on a new look without the commitment.

However, if you do decide to go for the big chop, (check in with a reputable salon for the cut) here are a few styling products to ensure that you have a smooth transition…

1. Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Dry Shampoo $8

2. Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine $24

3. KMS California HairPlay Messing Creme $14

4. Kerastase Lift Vertige $23

5. Pureology Sea-Kissed Texturizer $28

Get Yourself the Best F1 Gear This Season

Formula One is one of the sports that have a worldwide following. There are people in different parts of the planet who are in love with it and spend a lot of time dutifully following all the races that take place every week. If you are also an ardent fan, you would have probably gone to the race track to watch your favorite drivers scorch the roads at fast speeds. While waiting in the stands, you may have to face inclement weather conditions most of the times. It may either be too hot or too rainy for you to enjoy yourself thoroughly. In such cases, you can check out the Mercedes F1 shop and get one of the umbrellas they sell. These are made from materials that are highly durable and perfect for the summer as well as winter.

  • Celebrating with your team

One of the best ways by which you can show your full support for your team is to assist them in the celebrations that take place after the driver wins a particular event. You can doff the cap that you are wearing as soon as your champion takes the chequered flag and waves to the crowd. If you are a huge fan of Lewis Hamilton and if you want to cheer for him, you can visit the Mercedes F1 shop and take a look at all the caps that are displayed there. There are number of different designs and you can choose the ones that suit you the best.

  • Range of colors and sizes

All the products that are being sold on the online Toro Rosso shop are available in a wide range of different colors. You do not have to be worried about sticking to just one shade. These items are also supplied in various sizes right from extra small to the very large ones. Therefore no matter what your body proportions are, you can be sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for. Each commodity is displayed with their respective pictures and other details. You can add it to your shopping cart with just a click.

  • For casual use

Some of the products that you can buy from the Red Bull clothing store can be used for purposes other than racing as well. For example, the shirt that is manufactured by Infinity can be worn for casual occasions. It comes primarily in the navy blue color and has all the signs and logos of the sponsors and other related companies on it. This will make you stand out in any crowd, no matter how large or small it is. It will also help you draw other fans closer to you so that you can have your own conversations.

Christian Siriano to judge teen version of ‘Project Runway’

The young adult genre has overtaken books and movies and is now on its way to conquering television as well. A junior version is in the works or exists for “American Idol” and “Master Chef” and now, it was just announced, “Project Runway.”

A press release from Lifetime broke the news this week that they had signed on to air the first season of “Threads,” which is being widely touted by fans as a teenage version of “Project Runway.” Of course, the comparison is hard to resist when Lifetime announced that “Project Runway: Season Four” winner Christian Siriano would be judging the competition, along with Vanessa Simmons. Simmons is the daughter of Joseph Simmons (Rev Run of RunDMC) and an actress in her own right. Seventeen magazine will be taking on the position held by Marie Claire for “Project Runway.” Seventeen’s Fashion Director Gina Kelly and Jasmine Snow, the magazine’s Accessories Editor, will have roles on the show.

The guest stars/celebrity judges that have already been confirmed for “Threads” features some former “Project Runway” celebrity judges including Kelly Osbourne. It is thought that Siriano will be playing duel role as both host and judge. “Threads” has already been using Mood Fabrics as a casting location and it is expected that the fabric store will take on the same starring role it has played on “Project Runway.”

Click here: Best looks for Mood Fabric’s spokesdog Swatch

Siriano, of course, used his stint on “Project Runway” to reach the national stage. He has gone on to become a fashion powerhouse. Besides is eponymous line, and boutique in New York City, Siriano also is the mind behind the designs for a discount fashion label sold by Payless Shoes. The ultra affordable line features shoes and handbags.

Click here: Christian Siriano’s Payless Gold Shoe Collection

“Threads” will be just one of several fashion and beauty based series that will be new to Lifetime. At the same time the network announced the creation of “Threads” it also released information on shows like “Girlfriend Intervention,” a makeover show, “Worst Stylist Ever,” a competition show for hair stylists, and “Ugly Models,” which is a docu-series giving a behind the scenes look at a one of a kind modeling agency that prides itself on the uniqueness of their models.

Casting is already complete for this season of “Threads.” The show is expected to air this year.

Mardi Gras Glamour

It’s a season of king cakes, parades, and purple, green, and gold. But let’s not forget the glitz and glamour galore! It wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without the glitz and glamour of the Mardi Gras Balls. Here are a few things to remember when preparing for your big night to standout in the crowd and dance the night away:

  1. You don’t have to stick to the traditional seasonal colors; add a punch of color and style with with vivid hues or soft pastels. Either way will have a huge impact.
  2. Be prepared with a change of shoes by putting a stylish pair of jeweled ballet flats in your clutch. Who says you can’t maintain comfort and style, even when you’re rocking out the night on the dance floor!
  3. Accessories can make all the different in completing an outfit. Glam it up with a fabulous pair of dangle earrings, a statement necklace or a great cuff. It’s your night to walk the red carpet.
  4. Give your makeup extra attention and staying power by using a lip primer before applying your favorite lip color. There’ll be no need for frequent touch-ups!
  5. Trying to figure out how to stay within budget and still have variety of looks that can be worn for the half dozen balls you’ll be attending in a 3-day period? Consider purchasing a two-piece set, such as a basic black skirt that can easily take on a new look with a quick change of the top. Very helpful to keep you in budget without having to repeat a look.
  6. Mardi Gras nights often can be quite cool, so remember to carry an evening shawl or sparkly bolero jacket that will complement your evening gown.
  7. Pay attention to small details; such as a signature style manicure that you can achieve yourself with the help of peel and stick nail art decor. Everyone will think it was done by a professional manicurist!

As the season continues in full force, let’s not forget the most important part for being a fashion diva…..being the Belle of the Ball!

Choose The Best Fabric For Sewing Your Dream Garment

In order to design beautiful clothes that you love to wear, having an idea regarding different fabric surely helps. Online fabric store have made it easy for the buyers to pick up the exact selections they like based upon specific budgets and requirements. If you are planning to sew a garment anytime soon, it is surely time to pick up the exact fabric that touches your heart. Go for wrong choices and all you have in your hands is an unsuccessful project. Best garments require a seamless integration of patterns with fabrics for creations that stand out and appear unique.

Those undertaking a sewing project start from one of the two definite scenarios.

  • You adore a patterns now want to fabric to match the same
  • You have the fabric, now all you require is some suitable pattern

Wherever you may be starting from, a knowledge regarding different types of available fabric surely helps. If you have a pattern with you, use it as a guide to reach the exact fabric that will suit the same. When you are sewing garments, it is important to know about the main 12 available varieties. This includes the following:

  1. Voile Cotton: Voile is semi-sheer lightweight fabric having fantastic draping qualities, which you can buy from fabric stores.
  2. Rayon Challis: This lightweight, smooth fabric drapes well when compared to other fabric, lightweight varieties these are slightly heavier.
  3. Lawn Cotton: It is more a less similar to voile the only difference being is that lawn is crispy or when compared to the other type.
  4. Denim: For those who are looking for something heavier than other fabrics, having little stretch or drapes, denim is the ideal choice.
  5. Knit: It can be of various types from medium weight to completely lightweight. When you require loads of stretch this is your best. Patterns can be for either knit or woven with exact specifications.
  6. Chambray: This is another lightweight smooth fabric variety. However, compared to others of its ilk it doesn’t stretch or drape as well.
  7. Flannel: when you are looking for a lightweight and soft fabric flannel is a good choice. It is for cold temperatures and you may prepare pants, shirts, and jackets using this.
  8. Double Gauze: This unique fabric contains 2 gauze layers that remained woven together. It is a breathable and light fabric is a good choice for you in all regards.
  9. Silk: This delicate and lightweight fabric is dreams come true for any sewing project. When you are looking for elegance and sophistication, you do not need to look beyond silk fabric. It has slight shimmery appearance and slippery as well. Those who want can use it as a lining fabric.
  10. Wool: You can choose from 200 different types of this fabric to work with. You cannot even think of winter fabric without wool.
  11. Satin: it has a glossy appearance similar to silk and can be lightweight or heavyweight as you choose.
  12. Linen: This medium weight fabric comes with minimal elasticity, but ideal for warm weathers.

The Effect Regarding Custom Sun Shades on Your Sight

It’s the incontrovertible fact that two motives are crucial to produce individuals have on sun shades. Being sure safeguard intended for eyes may be the initial one as well as purchasing a stylish look will be the some other 1. Your effect connected with type could be included in your current style by means of choosing the proper pair of sunglasses. If you would like make sure a modern amount of security to your little brown eyes, you must don sun glasses not simply inside wetter or even warm days to weeks but additionally with day-to-day.

Now-a-days, a lot of the folks would rather buy custom made sunglasses as these include certainly not pure finishing touches. The fitness of your own little brown eyes may be assisted through most of these sun glasses. You may undoubtedly be provided with an obvious vision because of the contact lenses of the artist shades.

Recall, the area of upgraded lenses has to be cared for. Or else it will have an undesirable relation to the little brown eyes. Your inbound sun light or even gentle has to be decreased by way of custom made sun shades on a inviting day. In this respect, to consider which the glasses of Rayban are generally of distinctive high quality. A different array of sunglasses is offered by that company.

In case you buy glasses of Rayban on-line, a person would be able to encourage them at remarkably discounted premiums. Whenever your sight may face intensive lighting, the eye may shut down promptly. This kind of tension may be reduced through using custom sun shades associated with Rayban.

The coverage of UVA along with UVB sun light can be quite unsafe on your sight. As a result, shades have to be donned anytime you’ll want to venture out in the sun’s rays. Approximately ninety-nine percent of these hazardous radiation find impeded by utilizing these types of sun shades. That way, your current eye stay guarded by most of these powerful radiation. Rayban provides several styles and designs. While available functioning, Graphic clearness is needed for staying away from glare a result of the actual depiction by horizontal materials. In order to lessen this specific glare, you should don developer shades made from polarized upgraded lenses.

While you are traveling, you need to don this sort of sunglass in order to avoid the particular complexity caused by glare. The truth is, sun shades are very important for sporting activities individuals. You may be astonished to find out the actual large selection proposed by Rayban within the group of sporting activities sun glasses. Should you expend quite often in numerous out-of-doors pursuits like doing some fishing, the game of golf, skiing or perhaps generating, and then a lot of data is delivered to your head by way of your current eyes. Very well, after that, plenty of vitality from your body gets eaten from your human brain pertaining to finalizing these. Regarding decreasing the amount of vitality consumption, it really is crucial to utilize artist shades involving Rayban.

Blooms, Chocolates, Expensive Jewelry, and Movado Watches

Surprising someone with a present can be quite a way of demonstrating your true love and care. As such, you will need to give a product a man or woman will appreciate and treasure. From Movado watches to flower arrangements, make that person feel precious with these gifts:


Blossoms have been the most frequent present among lovers. Throughout time, blooms carry out an important function in articulating unique sentiments: joy, despair, sincerity, and appreciation. In certain ethnicities, blooms have high importance. Early Greeks and Romans, as an example, associate bouquets with their deities and myths, making it a revered task.

Ensure you know its explanation if you’re going to give a rose to someone special. You might need to give red roses, white carnations, and daisies to your lover, as these signify love and loyalty. Irises, pansies, and zinnias may be appropriate flower presents for friends, as these signify friendship and gratitude. What is a lot better is blossoms can go along with any type of presents including Omega watches, chocolate bars, or expensive jewelry.


Nothing might be more gratifying than offering chocolates to special someone. Like flowers, chocolates have been prevalent presents among close friends and couples. In many countries, men present chocolates to express their devotion to the woman that like. The good thing about giving chocolate presents is they come in different varieties-be it white, dark, or milk chocolate.

Although you can purchase ready-made chocolates from supermarkets, it might be better to make one yourself. Doing so will make the gift more special-both males and women often appreciate presents made from personal effort. It might also be a sweeter thought if you can present other items like Movado watches and flowers when you give your chocolate.

Precious jewelry

Giving precious jewelry as a gift might be expensive, but it can be worth the price. Jewellery symbolizes class and style, making it an ideal gift for both guys and women. Giving this as a gift may also imply a more mature and serious relationship, as this is apparent during courtship. Nevertheless, giving precious jewelry might also mean you trust a person as one would do a true friend.

You can choose from different types of jewellery like earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Make sure to choose one that will suit the recipient’s personality. For example, pearl earrings might be a suitable gift for someone simple yet sophisticated. You might also want to match the precious jewelry with other accessories the person has like Movado watches, bags, and earrings. You might also want to give precious jewelry designed with a birthstone as an ideal birthday gift. It might even be better to have the jewelry customized like putting endearments in lockets or bracelets.


Watches may also be typical gifts, specially among older males and women. Giving a wrist watch comes with various meanings-in some countries, giving one might mean perseverance. Like choosing jewellery, though, you should be considerate in choosing the correct watch for your receiver.

Take into account your options when selecting timepieces. They can come in diverse styles like gold, silver, stainless steel, and leather. Choose a basic watch style-get one powered by batteries. Nevertheless, you may also contemplate Omega watches or Movado watches with extra features like built-in calendars, alarms, and chronometers. You can also choose to engrave a note on the watch to make it more special.

Size 12 Models Could Be Coming to Project Runway

When it comes to the world of fashion and models we all know that “THIN” is in. Project Runways Tim Gunn wants to shape the runway with woman who represents the majority of today’s society who are not a size 2.

Gunn who keeps the designers on their toes and has coined the phrase “Make It Work” doesn’t take light to excuses. Gunn’s motivation for wanting to feature more real women on Project Runway stems from an incident in season 10 where designer Ven Budhu made it very clear that he was not happy working with his plus size model who was nominated to be on the show for a makeover by her friends.

According to Today, Budhu brought the plus size contestant to tears and Gunn took to his twitter page and said, “That a truly good designer can make any size look good”.

Gunn as mentor to the designers uses the platform of Project Runway to give the designers the opportunity to step outside the norm and create for markets in fashion that are not being addressed.

According to an interview last August with the Huffington Post, Gunn said, “I’ve had my own moments in front of designers when I’ve actually said, ‘You know, there’s a market here for expanding your work, and here it is, and frankly, there are two markets: The women who are larger than the 12, and then there are women who are petite and most designers that I talk to have absolutely no interest in addressing either of those populations, which I find repugnant.”

If you are a fan of Project Runway and you want to see more models on the show that represent women beyond size 2 you can cast your vote here and be a part of the poll that just might bring more real women to the runway on Project Runway.

Beauty After Dark Fashion Show highlights

The Parliament hosted a night of luxury and fashion extravaganza. This article provides a recap for this event which was held on June 12th including the showcasing of Oliju Fashion which will be launched for Summer 2014 for bikinis and summer dresses!!!

Goodie bags were distributed from select sponsors along with live music, fashion and shopping provided by vendors. A special shout out to Oliju and L’or D’Afrique for producing such an amazing event. A wonderful job was done by all the models & MUA’s/Hairstylists involved.

Some of the participating sponsor included:

L’or D’afrique Professional Moroccan Argan Oil
eXtreme Fitness Professional Training Studio
DryV Dry Cleaning on Command
Empire Radio (Promotion & Entertainment On a Global Scale)
nda-Nicole Designs

Photography provided by Rod McGee of Chicago Imaging “ Let us provide all of your imaging needs”.

Beyonce does not want to attend Kim and Kanye’s ‘Tacky’ wedding

Mrs. Beyonce Carter has been reportedly throwing shade at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Summer Wedding invite to Paris.

Rumors began circulating Monday, March 17 about the 17-time Grammy award winner’s “diverish” attitude toward Kimye’s dream ceremony in May.

Jay Z has given his two cents on the matter regarding Kim and Kanye’s wedding and he does not want Queen Bey or daughter Blue Ivy being recorded by E! cameras during the event; That simple.

A source reported that ‘Yonce has allegedly told “friends” her take on the cameras as well and it is nothing pretty:

Jay and Beyonce’s wedding was shrouded in secrecy and extreme lengths were made to make sure their wedding was an intimate affair for friends and family, only. This will be the complete opposite. She thinks it’s just tacky.
Beyonce’s motto has always been, less is more. But clearly when it comes to Kim, more means more.She knows she’ll have to go to the wedding, but really does not to want to.

The insider said the only reason the pop diva, 32, will attend the I Do’s in Paris on May 24 is because West “considers them family.

Make no mistake, the only reason Beyoncé is going to the wedding is because Jay is best friend’s with Kanye.There is no way Kanye would ever even dare to ask Jay or Beyonce to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or take away their cell phones. He knows that neither one of them would betray his trust.”